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Our Mission

We produce nutrient-dense foods and herbs, build soil fertility, ecosystem and habitat diversity, demonstrate good stewardry, and serve as a hub for learning from our successes and failures.

Mountain Run Permaculture is our homestead and farm nestled in the northwest corner of the Coleman family farm—Mountain Run Farm—started by Allison’s grandfather, Buzzy Coleman, in 1991.

Here we are developing a diversified system that includes:

  • No-Dig/Till Herb and Vegetable Production
  • Regeneratively Grown Apples–with an emphasis on bioregionally adapted seedling genetics for eating and cider production
  • Small Fruits and Berries
  • Food Forests
  • Hedgerows
  • Composting Systems
  • Biochar
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Perennial Plant Propagation
  • Seed-Saving and Backyard Breeding
  • Water Harvesting
  • Woodland Management
  • and More!

Wood Fired

We fell, buck, stack, and burn wood in our wood cookstove, accounting for 90% of our heating throughout the winter as well as a workhorse for cooking, drying, and heating water.


Since arriving in 2016 we have experimented with a myriad of pasture-based livestock systems including egg laying ducks, pasture-fed American Guinea Hog pigs, sheep, and laying hens. At present we operate a commercial pastured laying hen operations as our primary livestock enterprise, and hope to add sheep back into the system in the near future.

Our Brands

Allison grows and wildcrafts an assortment of herbs which get processed into a line of salves, tinctures, infusions, teas, and more. While still in it’s infancy, we have plans to scale this up over the coming years to offer more regeneratively produced herbal products to the community!

Mark produces hand made woodenware including spoons, bowls, plates, and more using axe, knife, and his foot-powered pole lathe. Essentially a glorified hobby, Mark loves to work with his hands, the trees, and simple tools to produce ueful items that bring an added level of enjoyment to everyday.

Pasture Raised Hens | Pastured Eggs

Our eggs are produced in a regenerative pastured-based system by happy hens who feed on lush grasses, legumes, herbs, insects, worms and more. They live in a mobile hen house we call an “Egg Mobile” that is moved to fresh pasture every other day, evenly distributing their manure across our pastures and orchards. We feed them the highest quality, regionally grown, non-GMO feed produced by Sunrise Farms in Stuarts Draft, VA.

While many national “pastured” egg brands feed chrysanthemum flowers or chili/pepper powder to get bright orange yolks, our hens do this naturally by feasting on a diverse diet rich in the very grasses, legumes, herbs, and especially insects, mentioned above. We are committed to offering the highest quality nutrient-dense eggs without any hidden practices or deceptive marketing. Just happy hens, plenty of fresh air, water, sunshine, and fresh pasture.



Lynchburg, VA | Forest, VA | Roanoke, VA

Restoration Acres Farm 

Restortation Acres is the primary vendor for our eggs. Pre-order our eggs to pick up at one of their many drop-off locations around Lynchburg, Forest, and Roanoke. Click Here to find a pickup location near you.

Marsh Roots Seafood Co.

You can find our eggs at their retail location in Lynchburg: 

2300 Bedford Ave.
Lynchburg, VA 24503

Great Day Gardens

Now offering our eggs as an add-on to their Community Supported Agriculture shares!

You can also find a limited supply of eggs are their booth at the Lymchburg Community Market on Saturdays in downtown Lynchburg:

1219 Main Street
Lynchburg, VA 24504


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