Helping Your Garden, Homestead or Farm thrive

We use ecological design, permaculture, keyline design, edible landscaping and regenerative agriculture to design gardens, homesteads, and farms that build soil fertility, catch and store water, produce healthy crops and improve your quality of life.


Whether garden, homestead, or farm, from big to small, we help jumpstart your project or troubleshoot along the way.


Synthesizing ecological, permaculture, and keyline design with the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture.


From K-12 garden classroom to hands-on workshops and professional presentations, we make the learning process fun, engaging, and effective.

Farm & Homestead

We practice what we preach, growing and working from our farm and homestead where we manage acres of gardens, orchards, livestock and more.

Experience & Practice

As farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders we bring our practical and hard-won experience to minimize learning curves and maximize positive outcomes.


We help you see the interconnection of systems to maximize and harmonize their relationships for the best results.

Problem solving

We pinpoint the weak link and identify the most suitable response to get your project beyond limiting factors.

Success by Design

We harness the patterns of nature to design and create regenerative and resilient farms, gardens, and homesteads that:

  • build soil fertility
  • improve the carbon and nutirent cycles
  • catch and store rainwater
  • improve nutrient-density
  • reduce pest and disease pressure
  • increase human and ecological health
  • increase biological diversity
  • create diverse habitats
  • improve profitability

15 years regenerating

We’ve been living and breathing ecological design and regenerative agriculture since 2008—working across the midwest, northeast and Mid-Atlantic—to synthesize the best principles and practices for regenerating ecosystem and human health.

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our Farm & Homestead

We live and work from the northwest corner of Mountain Run Farm. We manage several acres of cider apples, herb and vegetable gardens, food forests, fruit and berry plantings, hedges, woodlots, composting systems, livestock and more.

Contact Us

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Sedalia, VA

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