What We Do

Mountain Run Permaculture is our homestead and farm where we meld the practices, techniques and principles from holistic management, ecological and permaculture design, keyline design, and regenerative agriculture to produce nutrtient-dense fruits, vegetables, herbs, livestock, and more. Learn more about our farm and homestead.

Mountain Run Permaculture is also a premier service provider of consulting, design, implementation and education services to clients across Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Southeast. As consultants and designers versed in holistic management, ecological and permaculture design, keyline design, organic and regnerative agriculture, we help bring any project to a greater level of ecological health, productivity and efficiency.

Who We Are

Mark Angelini

Mark has spent the past 15 years immersed in the realms of local food systems, regenerative agriculture, permaculture & ecological design, traditional woodworking, herbalism, wild foods, and fermentation.

As a persistent autodidact, Mark left traditional education at the age of 18, deferring from a career in art and graphic design to pursue his passion for food, ecology, and craft. He has studied and learned from countless leaders in their fields—organic and regenerative farmers, consultants, ecological designers, herbalists, natural builders, and craftspeople.

From 2010 – 2016 he co-owned Roots to Fruits Ecological Design, working with consulting and design clients across the Great Lakes region. He has taught permaculture design courses from Northern Michigan to Vermont, presented at Northern Michigan Small Farms Conference, the Virginia Association for Biological Farmers, as well as countless gardening and ecology clubs.

He is passionate about designing and managing holistic landscapes, producing nutrient-dense foods, soil fertility & biology, creating things with his own hands, teaching people new skills and helping his clients achieve their goals.

Allison Angelini

Allison moved to Sedalia, Virginia with her family in 1994. Growing up there on the family farm, which we affectionately call Mountain Run, instilled in her a love for nature and farm life.

During college, she sought opportunities to learn about regenerative farming and organic agriculture—volunteering at vegetable farms and market gardens while in school. After college, she earned her Permaculture Design Certificate and went on to work for organic vegetable farmers.

She has studied Western herbalism under the guidance of Jim McDonald and Kat Maier, and has a passion for working with children, dancing, growing and making medicine. She is mother to Ila and Herb, packs eggs for our egg customers, and plans Mountain Run Jam, a yearly event held in celebration of agriculture and the arts.

Where We Work

We work across the Eastern United States, with a focus on Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast bioregions. Our work has taken us from Michigan and the Midwest, to the Northeast, and now the Mid-Atlantic. We work wherever we are invited with the majority of our clients located within the state of Virginia. Be in touch to inquire about your project.

Our Farm

Our work is enmeshed in our day-to-day management of our farm and homestead in Sedalia, VA. We manage gardens, orchards, food forests, hedgerows, woodlots, and pastured raised laying hens. Learn more about our farm.

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