Jerry Lehman Seedling Pawpaw

Jerry Lehman Seedling Pawpaw


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These are high quality seedlings from the orchards of renowned pawpaw breeder Jerry Lehman. The parent trees consist of some of the best named cultivars as well as specimen from Jerry’s breeding work, much still unnamed. By planting these you are participating in the ongoing breeding and selection work that Jerry dedicated his life to.

NOTE: Pawpaw need at least 2 trees to pollinate. Bare root.


Large: approx. 24in.

Small: approx. 12in.


Hardiness: Zone 5
Size: 20-30ft tall x 20ft wide. Prune and train to keep smaller.
Sun: Prefers and thrives in full sun–6-8 hrs of direct sunlight. Can withstand some shade, but it will reduce yield and quality.
Siting: Pawpaw love rich soils, especially those with high water tables, and particularly floodplains. They are also quite hardy: so as long as they have ample water in early establishment, a top dressing of compost, and mulch, they should thrive.


Shipment will begin at the end of March. We ship USPS Priority and package each box securely so that the trees arrive vibrant and ready to plant. We cannot ship outside of the US.

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